She is essentially a representation of me! She doesn't have a backstory or anything, she's just here to look cute and be cool really.

Here are her reference sheets!


He is actually my first oc! I made him when I was about 11 or 12 years old.

He is a robot created by a shut in that didn't want to work, so he instead used his genius intellect to create an advance robot to go to work for him. Harbor has his own thoughts and feelings, so he ended up choosing to work at a fancy hotel as one of those guys who carries people's bags to their room.


Oscar was orphaned as a little kid and ended up being adopted by these government guys. They ran various experiments on him, but by far the most impactful one done was when he had some of his organs replaced with ones from an alien. The intended result was to see what would happen to him, and to also see if they were right in what they thought the organ's purpose is. Eventually, Oscar was rescued and adopted into a caring family. Now he is in college, however he also a few powers from the experiments run on him. He has a boyfriend named Brandon who is very introverted and is also very caring towards Oscar.

I will update this with more pictures later i swear

Sometimes I post animations of my ocs so if you're interested