I'm really into DC comics and their tv shows! A couple of their movies are good too.

I also a fan of some Marvel heroes, but a vast majority of my favorites are from DC. I just wish DC could come out with better movies and stuff.

Rant about some of the movies

A few months ago when I was deep in a Green Lantern hyperfixation, I ended up watching the movie that is known for being really bad. Like, Ryan Reynolds actively talks about how much he hated working on it and regrets it.

I had thought I would turn it off after a few minutes, but I watched the whole thing. And as someone who is a big Green Lantern fan, specifically Hal Jordan, I must say I actually enjoyed the movie? It wasn't as bad as people had led me to believe. Sure, the effects were kind of crummy but I don't really care about that.

So many people put a lot of attention into the special effects of newer movies, and while I think they look cool and stuff, I never really notice how bad they are in the older stuff if I am deeply invested in the story. I was watching a few episodes of Lois and Clark, but until my mom said something about it I just didn't notice how bad the effects looked, especially when compared to other things.

I don't like the bad effects if they are actively taking away from the story, like if a major character looks creepy or whatever. But as I heard someone say in a video, I don't think everything should be perfect in a story. It's ok if things look a little messy, and that it can actually add to whatever story they are trying to tell.