I do not condone Scott Cawthon and his actions

I've been a big fan of FNAF for a very long time, I think I became interested when I was about 13-14? I'm 21 as of oct 2023.

I like the aesthetic of the older games, and how the story used to be, but I also enjoy where the lore is now. It can be very complicated and confusing, but I think its part of the fun to try and decipher it.

I feel like the movie is also taking the lore to how it was back then, when William Afton's whole killing spree was just because he felt like it. I've never realized how so many movies and shows have this need to provide a reason for the bad guy to be bad. Very few recent media has had a bad guy just be bad.

And I know part of the reason is to make the villian seem reedemable, like they could turn good if they only saw the light. I don't know, I feel like people expect a serial killer in a movie to have a reason to kill, but in real life serial killers reasons are usually a sense of control or something like that. They rarely have an actual reason outside of their personal feelings or high they get off killing.

I'm guess I'm just saying I appreciated seeing a movie that didn't try to come up with some stupid reason for the serial killer to be the way they are.

who's your favorite fnaf 1 character? mines bonnie!

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